The Amiga Overhaul Series – Updating tracker software


In this new series I’m going to look over certain pieces of software for the Good old’ Commodore Amiga and see how they could be improved for use in the modern age. The Amiga community today is quite a vast one and the machine is still being used by a LOT of people out there.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the Amiga itself in hardware terms, but most of the software is almost 30 years old, and aside from being glitchy, can also be incredibly cumbersome.

So, with hindsight lets look at some ways to tweak and improve some of the front end user programs for those of us who still love the machine, but can’t be arsed with the clunky GUIs and outdated techniques.

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Having a different opinion is not a personal attack

We as humans are vastly different people We look different, we sound different we….smell different! It┬ástands to reason then that we’ll think differently about things in our lives.

So why do some people throw a hissy fit when someone doesn’t share their view?
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Competitive Mastering – Killing the music


Being a soundy, recordy type person (technical term) part of my job is to master songs in order to tweak and bring some sheen to the mix.

Sometimes it can go too far, and it’s become a trend!

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Digital generation – The Metal Amp sim revolution

It’s both a wonderful and shite time to be a musician!

Technology has opened up a world of opportunity for creating in the home while at the same time the music industry devaluing the end product so much that artists receive virtually nothing for their work (but that’s another story for another time). At┬áthe forefront of the good times is the controversial ‘amp sim’ This is a digital recreation of the circuits and tubes of a guitar or bass amplifier and are created using schematics of the real amps themselves for similar colour.

There is an almighty stigma around amp sims and not just from purists either but the products are often lumped in to one category which is quite unfair as if you dig deeper the results are actually quite astonishing!

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