Why are the poor expected to live in misery?

It’s strange that when we see a poor person we lay blame on them.

Don’t think so?
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“I’ve no sympathy” – Cry of the insecure

I’ve seen this a lot on social media and just in general chit chat in fact. There will be an article about someone who has fallen on hard times or who maybe has a problem which has caused it and without a doubt the comments will be full of people saying” Well, I’ve no sympathy for them becasue….”.

This is one of our major social issues.
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Alcohol & cigarettes

Kevin Bridges nailed it when he talked about the people who moan that those on benefits spend their money on alcohol and cigarettes, two highly taxable commodities. The point he is making is that regular people don’t tend to hoard money, they spend it thus boosting the economy. It’s not that they are irresponsible either, they just like to have things like anyone else. So what’s the real reason for the complaining?
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