Alcohol & cigarettes

Kevin Bridges nailed it when he talked about the people who moan that those on benefits spend their money on alcohol and cigarettes, two highly taxable commodities. The point he is making is that regular people don’t tend to hoard money, they spend it thus boosting the economy. It’s not that they are irresponsible either, they just like to have things like anyone else. So what’s the real reason for the complaining?
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If I were King – Rearranging the working week


People often say what they don’t like about society but it’s rare that anyone comes up with any solutions. This is often true of life in general as well but since the current unelected Tory government seems completely work obsessed then what could be a good alternative?

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“Get a job!”….it’s not that easy!

I’m fairly lucky being self employed. I’ve managed to carve out a way of making money in life doing something I quite enjoy and on my own terms. It’s rough sometimes sure, especially when I have a lean month and even the good months can be touch and go.

It wasn’t easy doing my own business but what if you’re unemployed? The age old response of “Get a job!” gets shouted constantly at you, but it isn’t that easy.

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Worthless you – a Look at Universal Basic Income


Universal Basic Income, or Citizen’s Income is a concept that’s been rearing it’s head in recent months in various countries around the world. Indeed countries like Finland, Switzerland, and recently Canada have all proposed or are experimenting with a Citizen’s income.

So what is it?

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