The Negative Society II: The Experience

A while ago I published my article The Negative Society about what is pretty much the face and attitude of the official world we live in today.

Yesterday I received a letter from the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service informing me of Jury Duty. While the act of doing ones civil obligation is no problem whatsoever the way it was presented was everything I talked about and more.

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Fixing Amiga Final Fight


Being a geek is all about the little details and when basking in the joyous rays of youth there are some things which at times move from annoyance to flat out obsession and the one thing that really stuck in my craw when I was at the greasy blossom of my teenage years was Final Fight on the Commodore Amiga!

As the years pass the iron of time is expected to free the shirt of life from such silly wrinkles like this as the sensible population embrace maturity, responsibility and adulthood.

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The Negative Society

The more I look around the more I see a world where the basic foundation is one of threats, fear and misery. The system is there to keep our heads afloat just enough to be above the surface but still feeling the prickly heat of that fear based foundation all the while doing an activity that makes money for someone else.

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Jobs for the anxious


Late last night I had a friend message me in a bit of a state which resulted in a three hour texathon about his new job. It all made me a bit angry, but not for the reason (given my grumpy disposition) that you may think.

His job is in an office and isn’t much out of the ordinary but the difference is that my friend suffers from anxiety and some pretty crippling low self esteem which means he is in constant fear of messing up or becoming overwhelmed.

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The art of light – Cinematography in film

You have probably noticed the image difference between your shitey iPhone camera footage and your favourite feature film. Thousands of pounds worth of camera equipment aside the difference you are probably seeing is how it’s lit.

This is the art of cinematography!

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Blomkamp’s Retcon – Forgetting Alien³

blomkamp_alien_article_article_story_largeIn early 2015 South African film director Neil Blomkamp released some concept art for a film idea which was meant to be the next in the Alien film series. The pictures showed a half alien half Ripley image as well as a picture of a still living Hicks. Blomkamp is known for his modern sci-fi films such as District 9, Elysium and Chappie.

There was no mention of a production or any plans for the film to be made they were simply some ‘ideas’ that the director decided to throw on to Instagram and it started a media and fan frenzy.

But at what cost?

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