Why getting people to buy music isn’t enough…

Money has now become secondary to initial interest.

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Why you SHOULD have regrets!

We’ve all done things that we’re not proud of. On the other side of the coin, we’ve not done things that we wish we had.

But should we hang on to those feelings?
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Beast from the East – Stop Panic buying!

As the UK gets hit by Siberian tier winter storms, affectionately known as “The beast from the East“, a rather sad and quite frankly disgusting trait of human nature comes out, and this is the mad scramble that is panic buying!

Some people, at the slightest hint of bad weather, will go out and buy umpteen loaves of bread and more milk than they can physically drink in a few days. When this effect is multiplied is really does start to look like Russia as the shelves are left bare.

This is horrifically selfish behaviour, as these self centred glutton mongers leave nothing for anybody else, especially the elderly who may be a bit slow in getting to the shops. Now, there’s a good chance that a few of these people will in fact be buying for their neighbours who can’t get out and maybe doing a few deliveries, but 90% of them are simply greed ridden and heartless chimps who think of nobody but themselves.

Buy an extra loaf for sure, maybe even two, but to fill your bags up with 5+ loaves of bread and multiple cartons of milk all for yourself yet not even going near the fruit and vegetable section just shows what an uncaring, uneducated and selfish little island this is.

Cobra Kai – The next Stranger Things or the next Shitty Things?



I’m sure a lot of nostalgia fans have heard about the upcoming YouTube Red series Cobra Kai which features a grown up Daniel and Johnny from the 1984 film The Karate Kid.

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Taxing the rich, becasue they wouldn’t miss it if they didn’t know.

If you tax the rich, even highly, they stay rich. Their lifestyle is still luxurious and they don’t go without food, shelter or warmth. The rich all have a certain sum of money in their banks which just sits there. Most of it come about by interest, is not earned and It will never be needed and it will most certainly never be used. Taking a fraction of this money, which again will never be missed, to use for the better of society has zero impact on the lives of the rich, yet it could mean life or death for someone else.

The ideology of “It doesn’t matter if I never use it, it’s mine” is fine if people aren’t dying from wealth hoarding, but they are. No-one is asking the rich to live in a council house or to have any less of the wonderful things their money brings, rather it is like 5 pence being taken out of my bank account per year to help someone who is destitute.

I see no issue here.