Living with a Nickel allergy

Yeah it’s annoying!

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Why a guilty pleasure shouldn’t be guilty

We all have that those little joys which we’d rather our friends didn’t know about for fear of ridicule.

I say fuck that!

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From Facebook to MeWe – Detoxing social media

Yesterday a friend posted¬† a link to a new social media website called MeWe. I say new becasue I’d never heard of it before even though it’s been going since 2015, but I thought I’d give it a whirl.

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Why people put so much stock in reviews & opinions

We’ve all seen it – someone reviews a film, book or album and inevitably you get people in the comments almost having an aneurysm¬†at the opinion.

But why? Why do some folk put so much stock in what others think?

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Hunger is a habit – The art of fasting

I’m a fan of fasting. The technique where you go for extended periods of time without food in order to reap the benefits of your body in a certain state.

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