Hunger is a habit – The art of fasting

I’m a fan of fasting. The technique where you go for extended periods of time without food in order to reap the benefits of your body in a certain state.

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Eating healthy does not automatically = weight loss

The summer is nearly apon us and everyone is scrambling for beach bodies yet few will achieve this due to what is at it’s core a lack of education.
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If I were King – Rearranging the working week


People often say what they don’t like about society but it’s rare that anyone comes up with any solutions. This is often true of life in general as well but since the current unelected Tory government seems completely work obsessed then what could be a good alternative?

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Telephobia and a behind the times Government

The internet and texting has been my saviour but official bodies of this world don’t seem to be catching up.

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Mental Health -A two way street

Mental health issues are a bastard and there’s no other way to describe it really. They interfere so much with daily life and are so incredibly misunderstood even in 2016 that it’s almost to the point of disgusting.

Suffering from poor mental health means that shit gets flung at you from just about everyone…….and even people who should know better.

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Mineral vs Tap water

As I sit here grumbling with half guilt and half frustration at not being able to do a workout today due to an extremely painful pinched nerve in my neck/shoulder I figured I’d put my time to some use and talk about the best thing for humans since life itself.

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