The Amiga Overhaul Series – Updating tracker software


In this new series I’m going to look over certain pieces of software for the Good old’ Commodore Amiga and see how they could be improved for use in the modern age. The Amiga community today is quite a vast one and the machine is still being used by a LOT of people out there.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the Amiga itself in hardware terms, but most of the software is almost 30 years old, and aside from being glitchy, can also be incredibly cumbersome.

So, with hindsight lets look at some ways to tweak and improve some of the front end user programs for those of us who still love the machine, but can’t be arsed with the clunky GUIs and outdated techniques.

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Amiga Double Dragon II: A conversion done right


Beat ’em ups and the Commodore Amiga. Two things which just didn’t really go together very well at all. Shady conversions of popular arcade fighters littered the poor old Miggy’s game library and earned it a less than favourable reputation concerning the genre amongst it’s more “Mega” and “Super” peers.

Occasionally though, from out of the mist stepped a hero…

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Defending Final Fight SNES

Two articles on the same ancient game in the space of a year?

That’s just how I roll!

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Archive Article – The Sacred Armour Of Antiriad (Amstrad CPC/6128)

The “Archive Articles” series will be re-uploads of previous pieces that I did for other sites and platforms. Content will, as always, vary between retro games, films, pop culture and some politics/social issues.

The first is a review of the retro computer game classic The Sacred Armour Of Antiriad

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Fixing Amiga Final Fight


Being a geek is all about the little details and when basking in the joyous rays of youth there are some things which at times move from annoyance to flat out obsession, and the one thing that really stuck in my craw when I was at the greasy blossom of my teenage years was Final Fight on the Commodore Amiga!

As the years pass the iron of time is expected to free the shirt of life from such silly wrinkles like this, as the sensible population embrace maturity, responsibility and adulthood.

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