A View From Askew is the personal blog/diary, whatever, from me.  I live in Glasgow in Scotland and my main trade is stuff to do with music.

Writing was never big on my “must do!” list but after a few months of it I find I have a taste for the art of scribbling and having written for various sites around the internet on a variety of subjects but I decided to bite the bullet and set up my own wee corner in order to basically rant about what I want on any subject I damn well pleased.

I’m prone to weird experiments involving nutrition, lifestyle trials, stuff about health and of course music and music production but there’s always time for films and film production, retro games from the 1980-1998 period, game making itself and  on occasion some politics if I have the strength.

All things geek will feature heavily as some of the more eagle eyed readers will have seen from my not-so-subtle tribute to a certain film director in my page’s name.

I don’t tend to promote or share anything I’ve written as the satisfaction comes from the expression itself so once it’s published that’s the end of it.

Welcome to my personal and uncensored view of the world.

Now fuck off!!!