Millennial – The dirty word

Millennial is a pretty cool name. It sort of sound like Millennium Falcon, yet the word is almost entirely connected to negativity.

Millennials get a hard time. They’re often associated with spoiled, lazy, and entitled young people who embody the most ridiculous far left ideals and will cry if you even look at them. I’ve no doubt these kind of people actually exist, but is it fair to absolutely berate an entire generation with these negative stereotypes?

Of course not….but it’s nothing new.

“Millennial” is simply a new word for “young people”, and young people have been getting shit from their previous generation since time began. There’s nothing new about being called a shiftless layabout by your eiders – one look at any teenage film from the 50s will show you that, so why then does this attack feel just a little more malicious?

I define myself as Generation X, although the dates for this vary somewhat, and in some studies I’m even considered a Millennial myself as the cutoff point can be as early as 1976 (I was born in 1977), but most others define Gen X as 1965-1984. My Dad was part of the Silent Generation (1942) and my Mum is a Baby Boomer (1948).

Did I get shit off those generations?

Of course I did!

However, Millennials seems to be getting attacked by at least two generations that preceded them, and I think that it’d due to them having a much clearer target. Back in my day, if you asked my parents or their friends about Gen X or whatever they probably wouldn’t really know what it meant. Of course they’d know what a Baby Boomer is, but even then, generational stamps weren’t a hot topic. Now though, there has been such a concentrated focus on the word Millennial that it’s impossible not to use it as a bullseye – mostly by moaning old men who see joining the Army and being miserable as some sort of character building wonder. Also attacking are the bitter failures whose insecurity will cause them to blame everyone but themselves in order to build up some sort of self confidence.

Millennials even get shit off their own kind. I’ve seen the attacks and jokes made by people who were born well inside the Millennial timeline (1984 onward), yet they think they are Gen X simply becasue they were born in the 1980s – probably confusing the very popular “Taste of a new Generation” Pepsi advert from the 1980s with the Generation X tag. The reality is that there are plenty of intelligent and hard working Millennials out there but who by accident of birth are getting the blame for everything along with Muslims.

At the end of the day, it’s just another type of divide and conquer. Make a target out of a large group and blame everything on them for what’s wrong in the world.

If you fall for that shit, then it’s YOU who is the real problem.


Author: Kitsune Mifune


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