Please, at least try to be more original than “snowflake”

My God, it’s the eloquence of a spoon and just as unique a tool!

Go to any comment section where people are trying to protest a genuine injustice and guaranteed there will be some right wing pseudo tough guy saying something like “where are all the real men” or “look at all the snowflakes”.

That’s fine, voice your opinion as you are certainly welcome to it, but for the love of god please start using more original terms than “snowflake”. 

That word was old 5 years ago, yet I actually think that these cretins genuinely believe they are being witty and scathing by parroting these phenomenally ancient buzzwords as if they had come up with them off the cuff.

If you want to anger people by using that word then you are definitely succeeding, but certainly not for hurting anyone’s feelings or winning any great verbal wordplay battle. Rather it’s simply tiresome to have to duel with such unoriginal philistines who can’t seem to:

A) Grasp basic grammar.

B) Come up with an insult which is in any way original.

I don’t mind a little heated debate, and in some cases I enjoy…nay, welcome a bit of to and fro where some “patter” is concerned. However, the lack of original thoughts from the “real men” of the world (who are usually fat and balding kebab fiends) is phenomenally grating. They are either so dumb and clouded that they truly believe in their own hype or it’s all a big master plan to wear the left down by sheer mediocrity.

I’ll take the latter option as I genuinely can’t see a bunch of unoriginal knuckle-puppets concocting anything that biting other than a punch bowl filled with Tennent’s lager and Ribina.


Author: Kitsune Mifune


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