When people just can’t be serious

We all have that one friend who’s a great laugh to be around. Superb pub company, always light hearted and great banter. The trouble starts when you try to have a serious conversation.

I call people like this “The Forever Joker”.  It may sound like a dubious title for a Batman comic but it’s quite accurate…and incredibly annoying.

The trouble with the forever joker is that they simply cannot turn off their humour. If say, one day, you see something which deeply affects you and you wish to say something about it, then you might lay out a thoughtful speech amongst friends or maybe a meaningful post on Facebook.

The forever joker will without question be the one to attempt to mine some sort of funny quip out of what you are saying. This is most likely due to them not having the social skills to deal with a serious situation because of insecurity and so as a defence move, everything is shielded in humour.

The problem with them doing this is that is actively dilutes and degrades the impact of what you are trying to say. Most people tend to avoid serious issues where they can, so if someone sows a seed of lightheartedness then it’s a surefire bet that others will use that as a preferred direction in which to take the conversation should they wish to also comment.

If you recognise yourself as this person then please, stop. No-one is going to think less of you for being serious when the occasion calls for it, and you’ll still be the “fun guy”.

However, undermining what someone is trying to say in order to get a cheap bit of banter will more than likely earn you black marks from people instead of popularity, especially if the topic is particularly sensitive.

Crying “It’s just a joke” afterwards is no excuse.


Author: Kitsune Mifune


2 thoughts on “When people just can’t be serious”

  1. I like the sentiment behind this, although, I don’t think it’s ever a good idea to put a ‘meaning post’ on Facebook. You are casting a wide net and asking for trouble there.


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