“I’ve no sympathy” – Cry of the insecure

I’ve seen this a lot on social media and just in general chit chat in fact. There will be an article about someone who has fallen on hard times or who maybe has a problem which has caused it and without a doubt the comments will be full of people saying” Well, I’ve no sympathy for them becasue….”.

This is one of our major social issues.

Having no sympathy without knowing in depth facts is a worrying trend. These comments are more often than not based on snap judgements from tabloid headlines or from just the barest amount of surface information.

Why do we do this though? Why do we absolutely love to smugly stand high over our fellow person, look down and say “Pah, you get what you deserve”.

In a word insecurity!

When you think of an insecure person I bet the first thing which comes to mind is the image of a slight and timid being who is afraid to raise their voice for fear that they might even be looked at. Although this can be true it’s largely inaccurate.

In my experience, insecure people are the ones who shout the loudest, are the most judgemental and relish the opportunity to cause misery. It’s a defence mechanism designed to preemptively deflect any negativity which could damage a frail and self loathing mind.


Because it makes themselves feel better. It’s self praise for a personality which is absolutely starved of validation and if there is none from external sources then it will try and create them. The easiest way to do that is to imagine yourself superior to another. This is why we jump on sensationalist headlines and biased articles. It’s why we absolutely can’t wait to get typing that snide comment about the stranger who is struggling becasue we must have our say. All this can be achieved with a few cruel words which don’t actually achieve anything bar some slight self satisfaction which will last a few hours. These people don’t offer solutions or alternatives, they just like to suggest how much better they are than the person or persons in question.

It’s vile, nonconstructive and sadly encouraged by the media.

Of course insecurity isn’t a one headed monster. It is in fact, a veritable Hydra of problems and comes in all guises. Some insecure people can have all the external validation in the world but it will run off them like water off a duck’s back because they don’t believe what they are being told. This can usually amount to the insecure person believing that people are just being nice, or even that they are feel sorry for them. It happens a lot in artistic people. This can often be confused with those who are simply egotistical and who figuratively bathe in compliments yet can’t seem to get enough and so will push for more and more.

However, that’s not what we are discussing. We are discussing the insecurity that has come from years of mental poisoning by the media and our twisted Governments. We’re all so paranoid and on edge that someone somewhere is taking something away from us plus the fact that we get no thanks for what we do, that we seek out these small opportunities to absolutely damn someone who we have never met then forget about them as if they never existed.

People assume that they are safe from life’s problems becasue they haven’t yet experienced them, but make no mistake – we are all vulnerable and we are all at risk.

Would you ever want a total stranger to say to you “I’ve no sympathy” without ever even talking to you about your situation? Or worse when asked they reply “Because I know their type”. Words which demonise and stigmatise a human being by people who seemingly know better then when asked your name a day later they couldn’t even remember.

Sympathy is one of our most beautiful traits as good human beings.

Don’t throw it away becasue some cheap rag can promise to make you feel a bit better about yourself at the expense of someone else.


Author: Kitsune Mifune


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