Socio-political hammering. Stop it!

Passion in politics is great. It drives us and it makes us want to convince others of our point, but there is a limit to how much you can ram down people’s throats.

I don’t know if socio-political hammering is a real term, I just made it up there but it seems apt.

But what is it?

It’s when someone on social media makes 100% of their posts about heated politics. There’s no let up, it’s all “Tory cunts” this or “Labour snowflakes” that and while the passion for the topic is undoubtedly admirable, they are doing more harm than good.


Because we as human being as are adaptable creatures and over exposure will lessen the impact of what we are being exposed to. Have you ever stepped into a shower only to be near scalded but after a minute it’s fine? The psyche is the same.

Constantly and relentlessly posting about exactly the same thing with exactly the same tone will only cause people to skip over what you are saying becasue they know it’ll be near identical as the last post and it’ll probably be the same again in the future.

The people posting don’t see this though. They see it as their active duty to absolutely bulldoze the point across as much as they possibly can, and it’s not that people don’t care but they WILL unconsciously just turn off their receptors to what is being said.

Politics is a delicate subject and must be treated with finesse and intelligence, not like a caveman with a club who is battering you over the head saying “SEE MY POINT AND LIKE IT!”. Yes we must be more involved in politics, but since when has brute force ever been a viable means of genuine persuasion?

Be smart. Get a frame of reference for what you are saying, don’t just shoot out angry rants. Choose and stockpile your evidence so that it can be drip fed at appropriate times for maximum impact and most of all, give yourself a personality. Post other things about your life, preferably positive things, becasue if you make people see that you are a human being instead of a relentless and angry political fact machine then they will be much more receptive to what you are saying.


Author: Kitsune Mifune


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