You’re not evil. You’re average!

You see it all the time. A friend will say “Oh I’m so evil!” or they’ll post some meme on Facebook which is edgy and say “So me!” and it’s done with a hint of seriousness too.

It’s understandable. We’d all like to think that we’re somehow quirky, different, interesting and if you are particularly insecure then bad or twisted is a good one. The truth is that if you do this then you more than likely are none of these things. You don’t have a dark soul, you’re not “so evil” and you’re not fascinatingly weird. In fact you are probably quite average.

In a world with so many people who are forcibly crammed into the same lifestyle as each other by the system (how many dreamed of becoming an artist or writer or a game designer but were told to get something sensible so they became an office monkey). It’s no wonder we want a little bit of individuality hence we associate ourselves with these traits when in fact we are nothing like them.

Evil are you? Ok, stamp on a kitten’s head then set it on fire while it’s still alive or stab a baby in the eye with a pencil and twist it until it can’t scream anymore from the pain.

Disgusted? Well you’re not evil then. At best you’re mildly naughty within socially acceptable boundaries and that’s your lot I’m afraid. Evil isn’t a good thing to be anyway, that’s why it’s evil. Still, we associate evil with interesting (largely down to Hollywood) and so we latch on to the fantasy concept and desire it for ourselves in order to be admired.

When was being average such a bad thing anyway? Average is great! You can go in either direction if you are right in the middle. Personally speaking I’ve always felt that on a good day average is my peak and it feels great. You’ve nothing really to feel bad about in yourself but no-one is focusing in you either.

Sounds smashing to me!

Banter and joking aside, the next time you post that silly meme or make that semi serious comment just ask yourself, is that really “So me”?

I bet it isn’t.


Author: Kitsune Mifune


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