Crime A vs Crime B

You hear this argument all the time and it’s ridiculous.

If Crime A is committed then there is a harsh punishment but if Crime B is committed there is not. Both have severely detrimental effects.

Now when calls for Crime B to be more punishable the cry is usually “But crime A happens more often”. So what? If burglary happens more than car theft does that mean car theft should go unpunished?

No crime should go unpunished yet it seems to due to a rather twisted view justice by both the public and the judicial system. There are of course circumstances in a situation which will affect a sentence but it appears to be on the whim of whatever judge is in charge that day as is demonstrated by severe crimes going by with a slap on the wrist yet some kid with a minor offence gets the book thrown at them.

Also media involvement should be severed. ANY outlet which runs a story on a case before the FINAL verdict is given should be charged and shut down. The court of public opinion is nothing more than a witch hunt designed to anger and sell papers for money and it will use details of sensitive case to do so without any regards for these involved.

The system has to change, otherwise we are at the mercy of a moody circus in the name of justice.


Author: Kitsune Mifune


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