Eating healthy does not automatically = weight loss

The summer is nearly apon us and everyone is scrambling for beach bodies yet few will achieve this due to what is at it’s core a lack of education.

I have many friends who are totally clueless as to how the body works. If people want to drop weight they usually announce one of two things

1. I’m giving up meat

2. I’m going to eat healthy

The first one has it’s instant problems if not researched correctly. Going meat free is fine but you can’t just cut out a valuable source of protein a and not know how to replace it with plant based alternatives. Just cutting out meat to try and lose weight will probably mean you’ll start replacing it with carb heavy vegetables which will only make you fatter.

The second one is the one that gets people. They assume that healthy food has some sort of magical fat burning properties when it doesn’t. It’s food just with more nutrients. The basic two rules of food are as follows

– If you want to be healthy it’s WHAT you eat.

– If you want to lose or gain weight the it’s HOW MUCH you eat.

That’s it.¬†You can absolutely get fat on salads if you eat enough of them, especially the ones loaded with calorie dense dressings, cheese and other things which make it taste good. You’ll be very healthy yes but you’ll still be overweight.

The bottom line is that it’s calories which control weight. There are other factors which can contribute to a change either way like insulin resistance and how active you are etc. but when it comes down to it it’s just calories in vs calories out.

The sad part is that people do everything to avoid calculating calories and when I hear the old “Oh but I tried that and it didn’t work”

You’re doing it fucking wrong then!

When questioned deeper I find that they don’t know what a BMR is or what their maintenance is. It’s just some estimate they tried for a week and it didn’t do anything. Of course it didn’t because 1. You calculated wrong and 2. You only gave it a week.

I’m sad to say that most people I encounter with these issues are my female friends who get their advice from crappy magazines or online diet programs.

What these programs often promise is that it’ll be “hassle free”. In other worse you don’t bother your arse working out your calorie requirements (which if done properly takes about 10 minutes).

The other thing these programs don’t inform you about is time. Losing weight takes a LONG time to do. If you are losing around a pound a week then that’s great. That’s optimal. This 5-10lb in a week bullshit is utter nonsense and most of that weight will be either water or valuable muscle tissue.

Unfortunately people are so conditioned with the shit that magazines and media feed them that 1lb a week seems ridiculously slow. Well the bad news is that it’s actually quite a good speed but technology advances have made us impatient and overly fond of instant gratification. The people trying to sell you slimness know this and that’s why they promise 5-10lb a week in 3 weeks.

It’s rubbish!

Work out your calories, stay in a 5-700 calorie per day deficit from your maintenance, stay off booze and sugar and do that every day for 4-5 months with maybe a bit of cake at the end of the month.

It’ll take will power but it’ll work. Guaranteed!

If it doesn’t then you’ve done something wrong or are just weak. Have you ever seen a bodybuilder who didn’t get super lean or complained that it “Just wasn’t working for me?” No becasue they apply themselves over a LONG period of time.

This is science we’re talking about and science takes no prisoners. Why?

Because it works!


Author: Kitsune Mifune


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