Alcohol & cigarettes

Kevin Bridges nailed it when he talked about the people who moan that those on benefits spend their money on alcohol and cigarettes, two highly taxable commodities. The point he is making is that regular people don’t tend to hoard money, they spend it thus boosting the economy. It’s not that they are irresponsible either, they just like to have things like anyone else. So what’s the real reason for the complaining?
As stated booze and fags are dear and most of that price is tax so the money is going straight back into the economy and to the Government. To this we must conclude that the real reason behind the negativity is that the people who complain about it wish they were doing it themselves and thus are jealous. They see alcohol and cigarettes as pleasures and the bottom line is that the view is people on benefits should have NO pleasures whatsoever.

That’s it in a nutshell. Pure, unadulterated nastiness.

Let’s not dismiss the fact that the booze/fags/benefits thing is on the whole a myth bar a select few and then you start to see the results of propaganda. Most people on the dole can barely afford to feed themselves each week so regular purchasing of  grog and smokes is out the window. The assumers are just that. They talk about the man down the street who has a wide screen tv and sits and sleeps in until 3pm and just drinks and smokes all day but when asked the man’s name they can’t tell you so it’s unlikely they have been in his flat and have probably just heard a rumour and spun it into a story so they can feel superior.

When I was on the dole many years ago I had a wide screen TV and a mobile phone plus a PS3 and 2 PCs. Tell that to anyone and listen for the tutting but what they don’t realise is that I bought all those things BEFORE I had to go on the dole.

It seems like benefits claimants are almost expected to sell everything they own and live in destitution to be accepted as worthy of the almighty £. It’s ridiculous, judgemental, humiliating and can at times be fatal.

All this is also the other side of the misery coin. By this I mean that we have been indoctrinated to believe that misery = hard work and hard work is always something to take pride in. This means we put up with so much shit because we can swan around with out heads held high thinking we are hard workers when really we’re just being take  for a ride in a job that we hate.

Get it all away. Get the benefits system in the bin and get a basic income introduced. Motivate people, take the stress out of it and you’ll find people naturally gravitate towards activity and activity is what breeds a productive society.


Author: Kitsune Mifune


One thought on “Alcohol & cigarettes”

  1. I used to claim Jobseeker’s Allowance but stopped a few years ago due to not being able to tolerate the bull*** that goes with claiming it any longer.

    When I was claiming JSA all of it was usually spent within 3 miles of where I live. I am still unemployed but because I no longer claim JSA or any other welfare I have nothing to spend in my community – so… not sure who the winner is or supposed to be here.

    But yeah, Basic Income is desperately long overdue.


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