You’re not evil. You’re average!

You see it all the time. A friend will say “Oh I’m so evil!” or they’ll post some meme on Facebook which is edgy and say “So me!” and it’s done with a hint of seriousness too.

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Crime A vs Crime B

You hear this argument all the time and it’s ridiculous.

If Crime A is committed then there is a harsh punishment but if Crime B is committed there is not. Both have severely detrimental effects.

Now when calls for Crime B to be more punishable the cry is usually “But crime A happens more often”. So what? If burglary happens more than car theft does that mean car theft should go unpunished?

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Eating healthy does not automatically = weight loss

The summer is nearly apon us and everyone is scrambling for beach bodies yet few will achieve this due to what is at it’s core a lack of education.
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Alcohol & cigarettes

Kevin Bridges nailed it when he talked about the people who moan that those on benefits spend their money on alcohol and cigarettes, two highly taxable commodities. The point he is making is that regular people don’t tend to hoard money, they spend it thus boosting the economy. It’s not that they are irresponsible either, they just like to have things like anyone else. So what’s the real reason for the complaining?
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