The four stages of the internet arsehole

We’ve all seen them. The lad who thinks he’s funny, the girl who thinks it’s her right to openly bitch. The internet arsehole has been around since the concept of online was born but they can be easily identified with a few stages that they go through:

1. Say something extremely nasty, offensive or hurtful

2. Wait for a reaction

3. If the reaction is negative or the post gets called out just say it was a “joke”

4. If further negativity ensues then call everyone criticising you a SJW or overly sensitive. “Faggot” usually follows when real anger takes over.

These stages can be found all over the internet, usually in comments sections of places like YouTube or 4chan and it’s pure validation hunting at its best. Hyper aggressive traits in people who lack proper social skills but who still need validation coupled with the fact that the anonymity of the internet basically lets you get away with saying anything is a bad combination. These people who also have very defensive mindsets see “edgy” as cool and this can spill over to blatantly offensive.

Humour is a very subjective thing. No humour should be censored but one must choose the time and place carefully as it’s ALL about timing and situation. There’s nothing wrong with offensive humour but you wouldn’t walk into the disabled unit of a hospital  and start cracking wheelchair jokes would you? Similarly you shouldn’t go to a show where an offensive comedian is playing then laugh at most of the jokes but then single out one which just affects you and then complain about it. If indeed these internet people are making “jokes” then they are terrible at it as they have no concept of timing or audience.

The sad thing is that the far left have basically handed the right and these idiots all the ammunition they need. Any argument can be countered with “You’re just a SJW” becasue the far left have made such a fuss about massively trivial things that everyone is pissed off. The sad thing is that the left have basically told the world what annoys or hurts them and there are people out there who take pleasure in hurting others. It’s tantamount to a stranger walking up to you and screaming in your face “I DON’T LIKE YOUR YELLOW T-SHIRT AS THE COLOUR OFFENDS ME!” and then following you around saying the same thing. Eventually you’re going to start chucking bananas at them.

I’ve been called an SJW and snowflake before for calling folk out when they said some nasty things online and I’m about as far removed from that far left movement as I can be while not being part of the right. I don’t believe words should be censored but I also believe that saying nasty thing is wrong yet I also think that the worst way to deal with it is to react to these idiots which just gives them more reason to tear in. It’s almost a contradiction and it’s no wonder people get confused.

The fact that people shouldn’t be saying horrible things anyway is a given but you don’t….or should I say ‘shouldn’t’ need rules for that. Common decency and manners are things which you are taught when you are a child and ok sometimes you don’t use them 100% of the time but you should never out and out attack someone or say something un-constructive and critical just becasue you think it’s your right to do so.

You of course have a right to an opinion but ask yourself why you need to make another person feel like shit by voicing that opinion and more importantly would you do it face to face in real life?

Somehow I seriously doubt it.


If I were King – Rearranging the working week


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Telephobia and a behind the times Government

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