Capitalism from a leftie

Being a dirty leftie one would expect yours truly to be heavily into socialism or *gasp* communism.

You’d be right but I don’t dismiss capitalism either.

I’ve always said that in theory capitalism isn’t a bad thing. It allows a great deal of freedom for an individual to do as well as they can without restriction and that’s great! Being a cog in the wheel of capitalism isn’t bad either. You work for a corporation, they pay you money in order for you to buy a house, a car, feed and raise a family and take the odd holiday.

Again in THEORY all this is hunky dory but the problem with it is that theory is only half practised.

In the 50s a man could go out to work and the salary from his job would support his whole family pretty easily with no need for a second income and that family could not only live a comfortable life but they could put a little away as well. These days the net income of a full time job is BARELY enough to cover rent and utilities not to mention council tax, food, travel and a host of other money gobbling things. In fact it often takes two people in a family both working full time in order to be anywhere near comfortable.

What this suggests to me is that the workforce has doubled yet the wages have dropped, or at least haven’t kept in line with living expenses and who does this benefit the most? The corporations of course and that’s when opportunity and freedom to do well turns in to greed.

Capitalism also has some nasty attitudes in that if a business is barely getting by then it should just fail but that is someone’s livelihood so what are they meant to do?

“Fuck them!” seems to be the response. If you fail then you deserve to starve and be unhappy as there are no room for losers in the capitalist world.

That’s when I start to have a problem with the shithawks that support this system as it’s just too heartless to be sustainable.

I know people who live in tiny little flats WAY outside the city who work full time and are always skint yet they still praise the system that put them there.

It’s madness!!!

No one is suggesting that people get something luxurious for nothing but in this day and age I truly believe that everyone should be entitled to free housing, food and warmth. Now when I say that I’m talking about the most basic of basics. A small one bedroom flat with a fridge, cooker, shower, toilet and single bed. That’s it, no furniture no TV no nothing.

Food wise it’s basic macronutrient food. For example a chicken breast, broccoli, rice or potato with an apple and some walnuts as a side. This provides all the protein, carbs and fats that one would need with no fancy sauces, creams, condiments or seasoning.

If you consider any of that luxurious then you need a word with yourself.

This basic level of existence should be free to everyone and considering the disgusting waste of money that is given to MPs and Lords for doing absolutely fuck all then don’t dare tell me that this isn’t affordable by the state because it is.

Look I’m not suggesting we scrap capitalism becasue doing well should indeed be rewarded so I have a somewhat vague plane but it’s a plan nonetheless.

I would like a tier system in place. Those who fall to the bottom will be afforded a socialist treatment and those who are doing well for themselves well, the sky is the limit so go mental. The only quid pro quo is that the capitalist tier can not take anything from the socialist tier but then again why would you want to? It’s just a few people living in empty flats getting three bland meals a day. Why on earth would you want to fuck with that?

As for the argument of “Oh you are taxing me to pay for them to get free stuff!” well put it this way. Say the cost (rent, bills) of a one bedroom flat + basic food adds up to about £1000 a month. Someone who has say £700,000 in the bank already and earns around £10,000 per month is NOT going to miss £1000 a month being taxed off them. It would in no way affect their lifestyle would it in any way make them destitute, it would simply be helping those less fortunate . Plus if you think that an empty flat and three basic meals a day is luxurious in any way then you’re certainly a wrong ‘un!

If you still fall back on the argument of “Yes but I don’t need it and I wouldn’t even notice it if it went but it’s still mine!” then you need to check your morals and your status as a decent human being.


Author: Kitsune Mifune


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