Capitalism from a leftie

Being a dirty leftie one would expect yours truly to be heavily into socialism or *gasp* communism.

You’d be right but I don’t dismiss capitalism either.

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China O’Brien – Forgotten Feminist Hero?

Pre-internet I did two things with my sorry ass: I played video games and watched films and those films were mostly martial arts films (I can already hear a lot of people reaching to close the tab that this page is on but please bear with me and read on).

I was right into martial arts back then andĀ I hold a 1st Dan black belt in Shotokan Karate but the films always fascinated me with their stunningĀ dance like choreography. Boy did I love me my martial arts films and I had quite a few favourites back in the day and one of those favourites was China O’ Brien.

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The Fly – Facing a fear

There are many people with many problems in the world and those problems stem from very real and serious issues which are not to be trivialised in the slightest.

Some issues can come from the most unlikely sources though and although they may seem insignificant and silly let us not forget that this isn’t a competition and that facing up to something, no matter how daft it may seem, is important.

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Mental Health -A two way street

Mental health issues are a bastard and there’s no other way to describe it really. They interfere so much with daily life and are so incredibly misunderstood even in 2016 that it’s almost to the point of disgusting.

Suffering from poor mental health means that shit gets flung at you from just about everyone…….and even people who should know better.

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Competitive Mastering – Killing the music


Being a soundy, recordy type person (technical term) part of my job is to master songs in order to tweak and bring some sheen to the mix.

Sometimes it can go too far, and it’s become a trend!

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90’s boy – An unconnected world


Being a 90’s dude was pretty cool. Fuzzy CRT TV, pastel colours everywhere, floppy discs and even floppier haircuts that looked like curtains were all the rage.

And no internet!

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