“Get a job!”….it’s not that easy!

I’m fairly lucky being self employed. I’ve managed to carve out a way of making money in life doing something I quite enjoy and on my own terms. It’s rough sometimes sure, especially when I have a lean month and even the good months can be touch and go.

It wasn’t easy doing my own business but what if you’re unemployed? The age old response of “Get a job!” gets shouted constantly at you but it isn’t that easy.

I know a lot of unemployed people and this Government + most of the Daily Mail reading public would leave them starving if they had half a chance (really they would) but all of them are not unemployed by choice. Some are due to physical illness, others due to mental illness (which they must prove like a common criminal) but most are just unlucky in that they lost their jobs and can’t get another one.

Getting a job isn’t like going to the market and buying an apple, you don’t go out and pick one up. The decision is ultimately up to someone else.

Imagine if you will, going to the shops and then placing your basket at the till then the person behind it saying “So…tell me why you think you deserve this food?”. You then explain why and on the whim of that person behind the till you are told “I’m sorry, you were unsuccessful in your food interview today!”.

You may think that sounds silly but it’s exactly the same, you’re just taking one step out the procedure.

Job -> Money -> Food -> Life

Take out the first one and the whole chain crumbles.

On the whole we in this society don’t work for satisfaction or pride or the well being of others, we work to buy food and pay for clothes and shelter. That’s the bottom line.

Your entire lifeline and security is based on an interview which lasts about half an hour, and in that you are expected to say anything and everything, EXCEPT what you really want the job for  – the money. For some reason that is strongly discouraged in favour of some feigned interest in the actual activity.

Sounds quite ridiculous doesn’t it?

I’ve said for a while now that job interviews should be a thing of the past. They tell you fuck all about the person, and half the time the interviewee has been trained to basically lie and answer questions in a certain way so it’s all a big sham. Add to this the fact that someone could go out there and have 100 job interviews and not get one of them becasue it’s not up to them. Maybe the interviewer saw someone they liked better that day, maybe they are in a bad mood and don’t like your face, maybe you responded with what would have been the right answers in another interview but the wrong ones in this one.

The variables are endless and totally unfair, so in 2016 where jobs in the UK are scarce and extremely poorly paid you really are just begging for scraps from the table.

The stress of the interview is another factor. Some people can handle examination stuff stuff like interviews and tests and some can’t. It does NOT mean that they can’t do the job, but the point of access is bottlenecked to a personality trait which has nothing to do with the actual position being applied for.

It’s bullshit!

It doesn’t help that Jobcentres are now a mere ironic reflection of their moniker. They don’t help you get jobs, they are there to judge whether you get money to help you look for a job. The dirty work is 100% up to you and that’s crap.

UBI (Universal Basic Income) would get rid of this utter shitstorm we call a benefits system and it would allow those who may not be able to work some peace of mind and freedom to participate in activities at their level.  Of course it won’t change until the concept of UBI is fully understood by the knuckledragging tabloid readers of the world. Some STILL think it’s just free money being given to the poor out of the working person’s pocket.

It’s not!

EVERYBODY gets the same amount regardless of income or employment status and it’s not there to pay for everything, it’s to provide the absolute basics if hard times are fallen on plus remove the stress of a cruel and humiliating means tested benefits system. It certainly isn’t enough to “live it up” as no doubt the shitrag papers will say it is if ever it comes in.

Under a UBI society the Jobcentres themselves could become just that. I was always rotten at interviews and tests because that’s just not the way I roll. Give someone like me a day to show they can do the job (without being micro managed that is) and it’d get done to an extremely high standard, but there’s a much better way to go about it –

Scrap the tired and stressful old job interviews. This isn’t Conan The Barbarian and no-one should have to go through a pseudo psychological “Trial by fire”. Give the Jobcentres the power to hold a briefing which will replace the job interview as we know it and is much more about gathering information about the individual (which they will likely give much more honestly than a set of phoney and canned interview answers) than trying to make them prove themselves within a ridiculously small time frame. This could be ongoing to tailor results and would really just replace the old jobcentre “sign on” appointments so nothing would be lost on either side of the desk.  The Jobcentre would then find a match for the person based on the information gathered and would then have the power to hire on behalf of the company.

A phone call would be made by the Job centre attendant to the relevant department in the company informing them of their new employee and finally the person would then be given a card with an address and told “You start Monday!”.

Clean, stress free and 100% streamlined!

Information is respectfully and honestly acquired and used to find MEANINGFUL employment rather than the bureaucratic mess that’s used now to just force people into taking whatever job they can to meet inhuman targets. There’s plenty work of all sorts out there to be done too, and if the Jobcentre can just send you on a workfare course for no wages without an interview then they can do the same with proper jobs.

The next time you hear someone say “They should just get a job!” remind them that we’re not at that stage in out enlightenment as a society…..



Author: Kitsune Mifune


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