Not the 90’s TV show which myself and many of my generation were horribly addicted to.

We all have a wide and varied texture of people in our lives. Some are good, some are toxic, some are fun and some are just annoying.

Speaking for someone in their late 30’s there are lots of people who we come across in our lives and there are probably loads more but as a bit of fun here’s some small example that I’ve seen –

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“Get a job!”….it’s not that easy!

I’m fairly lucky being self employed. I’ve managed to carve out a way of making money in life doing something I quite enjoy and on my own terms. It’s rough sometimes sure, especially when I have a lean month and even the good months can be touch and go.

It wasn’t easy doing my own business but what if you’re unemployed? The age old response of “Get a job!” gets shouted constantly at you, but it isn’t that easy.

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