Mineral vs Tap water

As I sit here grumbling with half guilt and half frustration at not being able to do a workout today due to an extremely painful pinched nerve in my neck/shoulder I figured I’d put my time to some use and talk about the best thing for humans since life itself.


I love water. I’ve been an advocate of water since my teens and it seemed no matter what was wrong with me, drinking tons of water made me feel better. As most people know humans are made up of 70-80% water and water forms the base of just about all of out bodily functions as well as cellular activity so it stand to reason that a healthy water intake will do us the world of good. I’m a strong believer that water is even good at fighting low mental spells and depression becasue we as humans are chemical and hormonal creatures so when that is out of balance or there is a sluggishness to ejecting unwanted stuff within our system then it can affect out mood. Drinking a fuck tonne of water and flushing out your body can feel immensely cleansing and very satisfying for both the body and the mind, plus it makes you look so much better as it refreshes the skin and keeps the blood nice and fluid in order to transport nutrient to where they need to be.

Water is also excellent in aiding fat loss when in a calorie deficit as it fills up the stomach and creates a sense of satiety which curbs hunger.

Before anyone starts I’m not talking about a detox as I’m perfectly aware the liver and kidneys do a wonderful job of that already. Rather if you think of your internal system as a river which holds small boats or pieces of wood which represent both essential nutrients and waste then a muddy and dry river isn’t going to transport much. However a flowing and heavy river will carry all that needs to be where it needs to be and take that which is unwanted out just that bit quicker.

Your body doesn’t just make water by itself and it needs it to carry out the crap so drink more, piss more, expel more. It’s not rocket science is it?


Now the great debate about which type of water is best, mineral or tap?

There is some raging opinions out there about tap water and how it’s full of this and full of that and how certain things causes autism and the government are trying to kill you blah-de-blah. It may very well be the case in some parts of the world but since I don’t live there I can’t say one way or another.

Living in Scotland I’m quite lucky as we have very soft water here which has no fluoride added to it. It’s a delight to drink as it’s fresh and almost sweet at times so the tap water is of a very high quality. This is something I only noticed in contrast to when I used to go on holiday as a boy to England. The water there was much much harder and had quite a nasty chalky taste to it which I didn’t care for so that was my first indication of differing water qualities over just the course of a few hundred miles or so.


I used to drink nothing but bottled water. I’d buy 21.6L six packs and a pack of 500ml of some mineral water or another to do me a week or two. If I ran out before the shopping day I generally would just wait and not drink anything which is kind of a bad thing if you want to stay hydrated. Bottled water… mineral water really (bottled water can be anything) had some obvious advantaged in that it has well…minerals which the body can use.

The issue that I always had with mineral water was that I couldn’t really drink a lot of it. I’d maybe force down about 3/4 of a 1.5L bottle then maybe the odd sip but it just seemed quite hard to swallow.

Recently I’ve just been drinking tap water and let me tell you, I can drink that by the bucketload. Over the last few days I’ve been getting around a gallon of water through me and the difference it’s made to things like energy levels and surprisingly my sleep patterns is quite staggering. I don’t do anything fancy, I just refill a plastic water bottle and wolf it down then repeat. I wouldn’t advise using the same bottle for more than a week but it’s perfectly fine. Use a glass one if you have it.

Only this morning I’ve had about 3 litres and I have what I like to call a “water buzz”. It’s a sensation almost like a tingle when you drink a shitload of water which is probably cause by the blood being thinned a little and rushing through you. It’s an extremely cleansing feeling and I’m far more alert than usual.

I’d just like to add that drinking tea, coffee, juice, ginger or booze is NOT the same thing as drinking good old plain H2O. Those other beverages contain caffeine, alcohol, sucrose, fructose and all manner of other lovely, delicious and hugely fun shit which are diuretics and will make you lose water.

Of course when drinking so much water it’s important to keep your electrolytes balanced so sprinkle some some sea salt on your meals or even a dab on your tongue is sufficient.


It’s up to you what you drink so make your choice. I still drink mineral water but tap water is becoming more and more my staple for hydration. It simply boils down to the fact of what is going to make you do more of the thing that you want to achieve. I want to keep my body hydrated and flushed so I drink tap water becasue I can drink more of it.

I’d also like to add that I don’t really hold with these conspiracy theories about tap water. Having clean, fresh running water inside your home is one of the miracles of the modern age (sadly not one that is available to everyone) and I guarantee you that if in some alternate universe where a proposal to have a tap for water in the home was introduced in 2016 it would be resisted by those in Government as being “too far fetched” or “too impractical with all those pipes that would have to go to every home”.

Water is one of the best things for you as it keeps your system running smoothly and has zero calories so you can drink as much of it as you want. It’s available at your fingertips for pretty much gratis so do yourself a favour, put down the cup of tea and have some fucking water instead!


Author: Kitsune Mifune


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