Mineral vs Tap water

As I sit here grumbling with half guilt and half frustration at not being able to do a workout today due to an extremely painful pinched nerve in my neck/shoulder I figured I’d put my time to some use and talk about the best thing for humans since life itself.

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The worrying trend of book shaming


Reading books means you’re smart right?

No, the absorbing and understanding of knowledge means you’re smart. The source is irrelevant.

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Metallica – The New Song

I have a wide and varied musical taste ranging from orchestral to hip hop to early 90’s dance. My favourite genre is probably old video game music (Yes really!) but I pretty much grew up ¬†a rock and metal dude.

Yesterday (18/08/16) one of the bands that pretty much shaped my metal world dropped a video for a brand new song (The first in 8 years).

And it wasn’t bad…..but it wasn’t great either.

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My top 6 film directors


I once said that if you can find three things in your life which you are insanely passionate about and could talk about endlessly then you’re doing ok.

My three big things are music, retro video games and of course film.

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Suicide Squad – The new trend of the bad film


Last night I got to see the latest and much anticipated geek parade that was Suicide Squad and while watching it I started to notice a trend in a lot of these more recent films.

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The Negative Society II: The Experience

A while ago I published my article The Negative Society about what is pretty much the face and attitude of the official world we live in today.

Yesterday I received a letter from the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service informing me of Jury Duty. While the act of doing ones civil obligation is no problem whatsoever the way it was presented was everything I talked about and more.

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