“Do you know who I am?” – Professionalism in rock

We hear stories of it all the time. The fan, member of staff or just general punter who has been physically or verbally abused by a musician simply because they think their fame grants them special privilege….and that’s not on. Ever!!!


I’ve been a musician for 19 years now after first picking up a guitar back in 1997. I was a bit late to the game being 19 years old but the point was always to have fun, nothing more. I’ve been in many bands and been a part of many projects but all we wanted was to play and that’s it. We never asked for special treatment nor did we expect it. We were over the moon if we got a slab of beer as payment and a dark room to drink it in before we went on stage and that was that.


The term “rock star” used to describe some pissy little wank who thinks that they are the tits is a well earned one.

Just recently a good friend of mine was subject to a torrent of abuse by Carla Harvey, one of the singers for LA based shitheap Butcher Babies who played Glasgow recently. She asked him to take a picture of her when a simple and harmless misunderstanding ensued which cause her to launch in to a tirade of “Fuck offs” and other abuses which was completely uncalled for. This is a clear cut case of rock star narcissism and bitchy temper tantrums from someone who’s opinion of themselves is way higher than what everyone else thinks.

I can’t say I’m surprised though. Butcher Babies are a dung anvil of unmemorable riffs who rely almost solely on image to sell their product. “LOOK WE HAVE TITS AND ASS!” seems to be the main feature as the two singers strut about in ever revealing clothes looking like “Tranny Tuesday” at the 3rd rate strip club in town. If a product needs that kind of packaging to try to sell it then it can’t be very good…..and it isn’t!

The attitude of Carla that night was nothing short of appalling and it should be a classic example of how not to behave no matter who you are or what level you are at musician (HA!) or not!

Heidi & Carla of Butcher Babies.The Bangkok ladyboys are put to shame.


Professionalism in the music industry shouldn’t be limited to how well you can play your instrument, you gear or how much you get paid. It’s about how you treat other people with the status that you have been given. Dave Mustaine was famous for being a tyrant and screaming at his guitar tech (as well as firing most of his band leading to the nickname Megadave as it was really him just running the show). Axl Rose…..well we all know about him. Late for shows, ridiculous demands and not a thank you in sight. His band may have been massive but a professional he is not.

As musicians who would we be without these people? The techs, the staff and most of all the fans. The people who actually pay money to come to see your show are the ones who make you what you are and at no point is abuse like that EVER justified.

As as musician and sound engineer I stand on both sides of the fence in the music world as both performer and staff but from myself as a performer I wish to thank the people who continue to make playing music one of the best experiences that life has to offer.

So to you the people who pay money to get into gigs, to the people who set up the stage hours before hand, to the people who bust there balls to organise these shows…

Thank you!!!

As for Carla……I wouldn’t waste a wank on the ghoul faced bitch or her band. If I want to look at a nasty cow who’s stinking hoof has probably been pumped more times than a burst tyre then I’ll go to RedTube.

For music I’ll go to my local scene!


Author: Kitsune Mifune


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