“Read the manual” – A disregard for the kinesthetic learner

Have you ever been in the situation where you ask someone a question about how something works and they rather snidely say “Hmmph, just read the manual”.

I have, and it’s a shit trend which needs to stop.
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The Amiga Overhaul Series – Updating tracker software


In this new series I’m going to look over certain pieces of software for the Good old’ Commodore Amiga and see how they could be improved for use in the modern age. The Amiga community today is quite a vast one and the machine is still being used by a LOT of people out there.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the Amiga itself in hardware terms, but most of the software is almost 30 years old, and aside from being glitchy, can also be incredibly cumbersome.

So, with hindsight lets look at some ways to tweak and improve some of the front end user programs for those of us who still love the machine, but can’t be arsed with the clunky GUIs and outdated techniques.

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Amiga Double Dragon II: A conversion done right


Beat ’em ups and the Commodore Amiga. Two things which just didn’t really go together very well at all. Shady conversions of popular arcade fighters littered the poor old Miggy’s game library and earned it a less than favourable reputation concerning the genre amongst it’s more “Mega” and “Super” peers.

Occasionally though, from out of the mist stepped a hero…

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Cobra Kai – The next Stranger Things or the next Shitty Things?



I’m sure a lot of nostalgia fans have heard about the upcoming YouTube Red series Cobra Kai which features a grown up Daniel and Johnny from the 1984 film The Karate Kid.

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Taxing the rich, becasue they wouldn’t miss it if they didn’t know.

If you tax the rich, even highly, they stay rich. Their lifestyle is still luxurious and they don’t go without food, shelter or warmth. The rich all have a certain sum of money in their banks which just sits there. Most of it come about by interest, is not earned and It will never be needed and it will most certainly never be used. Taking a fraction of this money, which again will never be missed, to use for the better of society has zero impact on the lives of the rich, yet it could mean life or death for someone else.

The ideology of “It doesn’t matter if I never use it, it’s mine” is fine if people aren’t dying from wealth hoarding, but they are. No-one is asking the rich to live in a council house or to have any less of the wonderful things their money brings, rather it is like 5 pence being taken out of my bank account per year to help someone who is destitute.

I see no issue here.

When people just can’t be serious

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