People don’t have time to become a better person

This is somewhat of an exaggeration, but full potential is definitely limited.

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Red Dwarf: Back to Earth – Ten years later

Ok, so it’s not quite ten years yet, but I decided to re-visit 2009’s Back To Earth mini series to see if it really was as bad as everyone remembers.

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It’s not always about earning money

Goals! They are incredibly important things to be sure. Not only that they define your motivation, but we seem to constantly assume that everyone else has the same goals as us.

More specifically, we assume that everyone’s goal is to simply make money…and nothing could be further than the truth.

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From Facebook to MeWe – Detoxing social media

Yesterday a friend posted  a link to a new social media website called MeWe. I say new becasue I’d never heard of it before even though it’s been going since 2015, but I thought I’d give it a whirl.

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